After another year of record-breaking revenues, PPL's main distribution for 2016 UK airplay was made to members last month. This included 2016 UK airplay revenue and international revenue from the latest quarterly international distribution. 

Last year, PPL collected over £212 million of UK and international revenue, an 8% increase on the previous year, and we were able to make a payment to 93,000 performers and recording rightsholder members. Members have seen a soaring uplift in international revenue collected for 2016, a total of £48.3 million. This is a 32% increase from the previous year.

As a world leader on international collections (neighbouring rights), PPL still offers a highly competitive 7% cost rate for international collections.

Over the course of 2016 and 2017, we have entered into new territories for both performers and rightsholders, adding new international agreements with collective management organisations (CMOs) ASSIM (Brazil), Credidam (Romania), JAMMS (Jamaica), RIAK (Korea) and, more recently, IPF (Slovenia). 

We continue to work closely with international CMOs and provide business services for those CMOs who require further operational capabilities. This further enhances our understanding of their systems, repertoire and processes. The combination of closer working, improved relationships, enhanced in-house data capabilities and our ever-growing expertise in global rights management supports our efforts to maximise overseas collections for members.

If you have any questions about our international business, please contact PPL on